Joining forces with Durham Business Club

Visibility across the region, partnering with our clients and collaborating with other local businesses is the key reason we we’re so happy to be so welcomed to join the Durham Business Club.

The club is a collective of small, local businesses coming together to share best practice, network with one another to provide a better, more responsive collaboration to benefit clients and in some places, partner to become mutual client/supplier supporting one another’s business activities.  The MyAbsolute team recently exhibited our innovative SmokCloak systems at a recent showcase, hosted by Ramside Hall, Durham.

SmokeCloak is a vital addition to any existing security system and when triggered by the existing premises alarm, instantly fills the building with a harmless but very dense white smoke, rendering any would be intruders useless to get into the building, even if they did fight through the smoke, you can’t steal what you can’t see!  Having installed this system ourselves we can certainly vouch for its effectiveness, especially when paired with our disorienting industrial strobe light and 200db internal sounder… in fact we’ll go one step further, give us a call and we’ll gladly give you a personal demonstration of our warehouse system, showing how it takes just 5-6 seconds to totally fill our 5,000 sqft warehouse and office.

To find out more, including to watch some videos of SmokeCloak in action click HERE