MyAbsolute Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct & Behaviour on Client’s Sites

  1. All contractors are to provide an arrival time/window. If unable to meet that stated window, you, or a delegated individual, must contact the customer / client to arrange a new time / window. On arrival, ID must be shown and / or a name badge worn.
  1. All contractors are to treat the customer / client with respect. You are to use their name and not terms of familiarity e.g., “Mate” “Love “ or “Pet” or any other term which could be considered as too casual or give rise to offence or concern.
  1. All contractors, while representing MyAbsolute at a client’s site, will not: smoke tobacco or e-cigarettes in public view; eat food / drink inside a home (unless offered light refreshment such as tea/coffee and biscuits); drink alcohol during working hours; remove any possessions without permission; use a client’s telephone (without permission); use a bathroom (without permission); or use profanity, bad or a poor choice of language, which could cause offence.
  1. All contractors will be responsible for cleaning, tidying and the responsible disposal of their own waste.
  1. Contractors are to maintain a professional distance from customers. Any behaviour, interaction or conversations with customers which could be perceived as being intrusive or personal in nature are not permitted. Follow-up contact with customers by email, phone, text or any social media channel is also not permitted unless strictly and directly related to the work to be done or that has been carried out as authorised by MyAbsolute.
  1. All contractors are to treat and regard one another respectfully, courteously, and professionally always to achieve and maintain a positive working environment.
  1. The names and contact details of the sites which you visit are to be treated as confidential business information and, where appropriate, as personal data as protected under the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. Personal or confidential information is to be appropriately protected and is not to be shared with a third parties without the written consent of MyAbsolute. If you become aware of a personal data breach (e.g., loss, unauthorised release / sharing etc) or you have any questions regarding data protection please seek guidance from MyAbsolute.
  1. If you are concerned for the health, safety, or well-being of a tenant in a site which you visit, you are expected to pass on your concern to the MyAbsolute office at the earliest opportunity. We will ask you to provide details of your concerns in order that we can assess any risk to them and take appropriate action.
  1. If you observe or are told by a tenant/member within one of our properties, something which makes you consider that they may be at risk of harm or are unsafe or are being or are vulnerable to any abuse or injury in any way, we ask that you tell us about this immediately in order that we can assess this risk and take appropriate safeguarding action. If you believe a client is at immediate risk of harm, then we require you to contact the police straight away.
  1. If during your visit, an incident occurs, for example a conversation which you feel you need to report or an item of property is damaged, you are expected to pass on this information to the MyAbsolute office so that we can take any immediate action necessary and log details against the job.
  1. This Code of Conduct has been shared with you (and at and is deemed to have been received even if no formal acknowledgement is received by MyAbsolute. Your continuing professional engagement with MyAbsolute and our clients is taken as agreement to abide by this code.